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Leggat's Collision Centre takes the stress out of collision repair. From the moment the damage is done, we will work with you to ensure that the negative experience is rectified with as little upset as possible, with our expert quality repair service and genuine parts for your vehicle. We can also help direct you regarding insurance claims and police reports, and will provide you a replacement vehicle while we repair and refinish your car as well.


Our Collision Centre is top-notch, offering the following services with an efficient and effective streamlined process:

  • Frame repair (as well as advising when frame repair is not an option)
  • Repair glass and plastic breakages
  • Reverse mechanical damage
LeggatBurlingtonWet Sand Polish from $200

LeggatBurlingtonPaint Repair Blend from $225

LeggatBurlingtonHood Repainting from $500

LeggatBurlingtonNext Day Turnaround

We prep, refinish, reassemble and detail to the highest standard, so when you reclaim your vehicle, you'll wonder if an accident even occurred.

For a worry-free transition from broken to looking brand new, visit Leggat's Collision Centre! Call us at (905) 333-9896 to book an appointment today and get a FREE estimate on all bodywork!

Leggat's Collision Centre
629 Brant Street
Burlington, ON
L7R 2H1

(905) 333-9896

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